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Should Homework Be Banned? Some Arguments Supporting Homework

Why is homework important? Should teachers do away with after-class assignments? These are pertinent questions in the education sector, and they are now more common than ever. With more research showing students perceive homework negatively, there is an increase in calls to ban it altogether. Among the reasons given for such calls include stress, lack of play time for kids among others. While these are important issues, it is also crucial to consider a situation where there is no homework and the impact this would have on learners.

There is no denying that huge amounts of after-class tasks given by teachers can affect the attitude of students but this is no reason to ban these assignments altogether. This article examines the invaluable role of school homework in the learning process in an attempt to counter arguments for its banning. Read on.

Why You Need To Complete Homework

As a student, it is understandable that you need some time to enjoy leisure activities after school. It is also understandable that there is hardly enough time to do everything you would love to after school. This is the reason most students loath having to do homework. But before you start working on your next assignment, consider the following benefits the task offers you:

  1. Aiding teacher’s evaluation of learning: Now, every student learns at a different pace and in class, it is difficult for your teacher to assess everyone. Learners who are not fast in understanding difficult concepts risk falling behind if there is no follow-up. For this reason, your teacher gives homework to help evaluate how well each student understands the concept taught in class.
  2. Boost independent thinking: As a student, it is fun being in class without having to prove you have understood a concept. However, this is detrimental in the long run because you will not develop self-sufficiency. Through after-class assignments, your teacher tries to inculcate independent thinking and motivate you to work alone on problems in life. It is one of the most crucial benefits of homework.
  3. Taking responsibility: When you have to work on tasks alone, it helps you own the learning process. You start appreciating your responsibility in the process, and with time, this reflects in the choices you make in life.
  4. Learning time management skills: With the little time available to complete assignments, you have to learn proper time management. It is a crucial skill not only in school but in life. If you can utilize the little available after school to complete all your assignment, you will not have a problem meeting other deadlines in life.
  5. Opportunity to exercise your mind: Practice makes perfect, and while this might sound cliché, there is irrefutable truth in the statement. By working on problems given by your teacher, you have an opportunity to exercise your brain. It is crucial in your development and will help you accomplish even more complex tasks in life.

There is no underestimating the importance of homework in the learning process. If you have problems completing your assignments, take a step back and understand the importance of these tasks. If need be, seek history homework help online to complete your assignment.

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